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New EP “Nice Teeth Whore” recorded and coming soon


Lord Mantis recorded a new EP a few weeks back in May at Bricktop Recording and with engineer Andy Nelson (Weekend Nachos, Like Rats).   We’ve decided to call it Nice Teeth Whore which is also the title of one of the tracks from this 4 song EP clocking in just under 23 minutes.  We dabbled with the idea of shooting for a full-length again, but a quick and serious right hook kind of made more sense in every way.  It was also super fun.  Honestly the songs we recorded are so saturated with intent it almost feels like a full-length.

New Density is a new label run and managed by guitar player Andrew Markuszewski.  Lord Mantis is using it as its main front for merch and release support.  The last Lord Mantis album, Death Mask, was licensed from Profound Lore and released by ND on 2LP last year.  Nice Teeth Whore will be pressed as a vinyl EP and MCD Digipack through ND.  Digital downloads will be available too.  Check out New Density for more release specific information in the coming weeks.  The EP is currently in line for mastering.

Manuel Tinnemans of Comaworx is working on the cover artwork.  Brianvdp has also come up with this sick and twisted Mantis thingy, and the theme seems to be “give a god a bone”.  The idea of it sort of being what Eddie is to Iron Maiden.  Expect it to turn up randomly on merch and records in the future.

"give a god a bone" - sigil by Brianvdp

“give a god a bone” – sigil by Brianvdp

Anastasios Ketsios of Image Collective and from Chicago hung out with us for a few days at Bricktop and took a shit load of photos.  Posted are some great shots of the band at work.  Many more are also available for viewing on our facebook page.



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