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New Lineup Announcement

Lord Mantis has gone through a purgatory this winter but now steps out into the light again.  This is part of the reason why the last tour with TITD had to be cut short and our appearance at Roadburn 2015 was cancelled.  Now we have a new lineup in place.  Dylan O’Toole (who has contributed lyrically and also performs vocals in the studio on songs for the past two records Death Mask and Pervertor) is no longer an unofficial 5th member of the band.  He is now the vocalist.  Will Lindsay (who also played guitar in Indian with Dylan and Bill Bumgardner) is now the bassist.  Will also had a guest spot on Death Mask in the studio.  To say there hasn’t been a major crossover between the Chicago bands Lord Mantis and Indian over the years would be a ridiculous statement.  Indian and Lord Mantis shared the same rehearsal room together at Superior Street Studios in Chicago since the devil knows when.  Scott Shellhamer, musician and artist of the band American Heritage, has also joined on guitars.  The original founding member of Lord Mantis from 2005 Bill Bumgardner remains along with lead guitarist Andrew Markuszewski who has been in the band since 2008.  Greg Gomer (also one of the two founding members along with Bill) hasn’t been in Lord Mantis since Pervertor which is the last record he was a part of.  Greg has planned on contributing as a guest spot on the future recording currently in plan.  Ken Sorceron and Charlie Fell are no longer members of Lord Mantis.

The ship has righted itself and in a very natural fashion.  Even with the new lineup at this time, Lord Mantis will not be appearing at Roadburn and the subsequent tour in Europe.  An EP is being worked on already to be recorded this Spring.  There are no shows being booked at this time until further notice.  More news on the EP and further plans for 2015 by Lord Mantis is soon to come.

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